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Have you been to a geeky museum exhibit recently? Have you run across funny gadgets while traveling or found a techie toy you don't think other people know about? Share your photos, news, reviews and tips with Geeksugar and I'll feature my favorites on the homepage.

Google Search Loves Arrows

Posted By jchild on Oct 7, 2010 at 12:27PM

Google never ceases to amaze me while i might not love instant search, I do love the little arrow on search result page. Yesterday when I was searching Google for a new pendant light for my dining table, I used my arrow keys to scroll down the page like I always do and realized there was a little blue arrow also following me around, so when I reached the result I wanted to click on I could just click enter! Definitely a geeky thing I love.

Philadelphia Zoo and Legos

Posted By franciepants on Sep 26, 2010 at 7:44PM

On a day trip to Philadelphia, we had some time to check out the Philadelphia Zoo.  And as we went through the animal exhibits, we also came across some interesting Lego exhibits as well.  Yes, Lego.  My favorite was the penguins.  Here are a couple of pictures I was able to take.

Best Geeky Pick Up Lines

Posted By Geekontherun on Aug 6, 2010 at 12:32PM

The other morning a cute IT guy from my office got in the elevator with me and I broke the ice with "So, how are the servers doing?" Servers are a running joke at our company because they are constantly causing drama and being worked on, but he still shot me a look of shock and awe. When we got off the elevator I started thinking about how many hilarious geeky pick up lines there are. Nerdy as they may be, they get me every time (and clearly, I have no problem using them!). What's your favorite geeky line?


USB earrings

Posted By suszzie-q on Jul 25, 2010 at 6:19PM

some wild geeky jewelry here http://harlewood.deviantart.com/gallery/#SciFi-Inspired-Jewelry

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Finger Painting on the iPad

Posted By wallflowerwoman on Jun 30, 2010 at 12:12PM

I'm memorized by this video of Brooklyn artist David Kassan finger painting on the iPad. He says, "The model sat for 3 hours as I painted and answered questions on how I use the iPad and the Brushes app. Just thinking of creative uses for the iPad." Wicked cool. It seems we've gone from hand, to computer, and now, back to hand again — with added computer magic.

More Little Big Planet Love :-)

Posted By franciepants on Apr 26, 2010 at 4:11PM

Earlier this month, Geeksugar posted a story about Little Big Planet "live" Avatars, which made me even more anxious for my awaiting Amazon.com order.  And was I eagerly waiting for you might ask.....  Well, I was waiting for him:


Meet my Sackboy...soon to be general travel companion and fellow life liver-er.  I hope you catch my drift.  Because I travel a lot for work, I usually find it difficult to want to take pics of me in certain places without either having to ask someone around to take a pic (and even then it's a bit awkward since it's a pic of just you)  or to perform that strange semi-contortionist move of outstretching one's arm out long enough to not be too close-up and angled in the way that angle of the camera doesn't capture you in a "fat face" pose.


I considered doll-like items that could potentially have a slight resemblance, but that always somehow lead me to something along the likes of Dora the Explorer.  So I settled for Sackboy...because I enjoy playing the game on both the PS3 and PSP.  I only wish they had a Sackgirl toy available, but unfortunatly not with this particular model.


But feel free to stop by my Photo Galleries to visit my "Adventure's of Sackboy" gallery where I celebrate Life...with Sackboy :-)

Husband's Old Mac Will Prompt Me To Get An IPad

Posted By mrsmogul on Mar 12, 2010 at 11:55AM

My husband's Mac, which I handed down to him, is getting more and more "broken". The reason is because he lets the kids press the keyboard and play games on it. In a few months I can see it getting totally wrecked and then...sigh I woud lhave to share my mac with him.

This means that I will need an IPAD so I can have a brand new computer all to myself. The reason why I want one? It looks easy to carry around. It will be handy to bring to the coffee shop when I need a break from the kids! I really hope I win one here!



Multi-Purpose Magnetic Paper Clips

Posted By franciepants on Mar 9, 2010 at 6:18PM

I have always been on the look out for ways to keep my headphone wires somewhat organized in my bag or wherever I place them because no one likes taking any amount of time away from their musical entertainment because they had to unravel or detangle their headphones.  I mean, really...how many times have you just wanted to pop in those headphones and press play, but you were thwarted by the intricacies of detangling your headphones.  Sigh.

So upon one of my many visits to The Container Store, I came across these lovely items.

Normally, I never trust any type of magnetic fastener when it comes to paper.  But after seeing this site and their cable ties, I thought that maybe this Container Store item will be the salvation to detangling freedom.  And boy was it ever!  I love how the clips are bright in color so it also makes it easy to find my headphones, and the magnets are pretty strong that they don't unfasten.

One may wonder why I just didn't buy the cable ties from Proporta, and honestly, I would have.  But I just didn't want to deal with waiting on the shipping time, and at that time, the Proporta option only came in one color...orange.  And although I do like orange, the item also only came in 2's.  And I have a lot of other things that can use these magnetic paper clips from the Containers.


Going Postal

Posted By tatinacious on Mar 9, 2010 at 2:13AM

The ease of e-mail and abundance of laptops sure killed the postal star.  When was the last time you received an honest-to-goodness hand-written letter sealed in an envelope and delivered to your doorstep by a mailman?

I was going through Urban Outfitters' uber-cool home section and stumbled upon this most adorable "undercover" laptop sleeve.  It feels like an actual paper envelope (complete with labels and little wrinkles at the corners!)

Despite its flimsy appearance, it's actually tear-proof, splash-proof and lightly padded with quilted red satin to cozily house your laptop.   It fits up to 15-inch laptops but has velcro running from end-to-end in case you want to fold it to house your netbook, making it a one-stop sleeve whenever you feel like bringing your bigger laptop or netbook along.

I can't get over how cute it is!  Available at Urban Outfitters online for $34.

Cats Laptop

Posted By Malinina on Jan 22, 2010 at 11:22AM

Nice. I think I'll stick to the base cobalt on mine, though. :)

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